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Wunder Smart Parenting Assistant


Wunder Smart Parenting Assistant

Wunder is the first all-in-one parenting assistant that uses voice technology and A.I. to give new parents the right information at the right time and improve the child’s language and cognitive development


    • VOICE-ACTIVATED - Hands-free logging of your baby’s feedings, sleep, and diapers
    • PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS - Get activities and tips that stimulate language and cognitive development
    • CUSTOM ROUTINES - Get reminders for your baby's nap time, activities, feedings, bedtime
    • SOOTHING SOUNDS - Plays white noise or lullaby when cry detection feature
    • INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING - Play sound effects and music
    • SMART WORD DETECTION -  Track the number of words and back-and-forth interactions (key predictors of your child's IQ)
    • SMART NIGHT LIGHT - Interactive glowing moon and sun with sleep training feature

    The first science-based parenting assistant stimulates child development and grows with your child. 

    • 0-6 months - Use Wunder to log your baby's diapers, feeding, and sleep hands-free 
    • 6-12 months - Wunder helps with sleep training, building daily routines and recommending easy-to-do activities that drive developmental milestones
    • 1-2 years - As your child starts talking, Wunder supports interactive storytelling and provides you with insights to ensure your child is on track with the 5 child developmental domains.
    • 2+ As your child builds independence, Wunder provides visual cues indicating when it's "OK to wake up".