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Introducing Wunder’s New-Parent Coaching Program

Not sure how to help your baby hit critical language and cognitive milestones? Our Wunder coaches show you how.

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Why Should I Join?

Being a new parent can be confusing, overwhelming, and-- let’s face it, exhausting! But hold on moms and dads--we want to be there for you every step (or crawl) of the way.

1.) 1:1 Video Call with our coaches to build a plan for your child and answer all your questions

2.) Track daily activities to ensure your baby is developing on schedule (diapers, feedings, etc.)

3) Personalized 3-month report to give you a bird's eye view of your baby's progress

Our app-based coaching program includes:

Coaching with an early childhood expert

Get your questions answered! How much tummy time should my baby get? How can I get my baby to sleep through the night? Which bottle is best?

Daily activities proven to boost cognitive development

Little to no prep or materials required, all in the comfort of your own home

Expert help understanding & hitting critical milestones

Give your baby a significant leg-up and the relief that your baby is on track or exceeding

Expert advice, support and encouragement

Take the guesswork out of parenting and benefit from a community of caring experts

See what our Wunder moms are saying!

I loved being able to connect with Sandra and ask questions. Apart from being an expert, she was able to empathise with me because she is a mom herself - for example regarding breastfeeding issues.

More phone-free engagement, a variety of fun ideas that help with developmental stages. It helps me feel like a good mom.

We are always comparing with another child but in this app you can actually compare the child’s progress with their own progress month-on-month.

Peace of mind in just a few clicks away

Just 15 minutes a day

With the help of a dedicated coach who worked with thousands of families, you will ensure your child is on track and build consistent habits for your child’s unique needs. 

Backed by science, developed by experts

The Wunder Education Team compiled the best of recommendations based on research from Harvard, MIT, Child Mind Institute, American Academy of Pediatrics and their own home-visiting and clinical experience to curate an easy-to-understand course with 12 weekly videos, weekly Q&As and developmentally-appropriate recommendations.

Meet the Coaches

  • Vera Sticker

    Education Director

    Vera Sticker

    As a child, I wanted to be...a novelist!
  • Sandra Caudillo

    Head Coach

    Sandra Caudillo

    As a child, I wanted to be...a detective!
  • Kelly Ho

    Speech & Language Pathologist

    Kelly Ho

    As a child, I wanted to be: an elevator operator