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What’s the battery time? 

The battery of the portable “sun” lasts for 4 hours when fully charged to accommodate for the typical and an above average reading/play session duration. When the battery is depleted you can put it back on the dock and continue using the device seamlessly.  

What materials is the device made of? 

The entire device is made of plastic. 

Is the device always listening? 

No, the user needs to actively turn the listening mode on by saying “Hey Wunder” followed by one of the available commands. Based on our user research, this ability to actively control when the device records and when it is not is one of the most desirable features because it makes parents feel more secure. The user can also turn on the privacy mode at any time, which will disable the microphone and no audio will be sent to the cloud. This could be used e.g. when guests come over to the house and we do not want their interactions with the child to be monitored. When the privacy mode is on, the light on the “sun” changes into an orange ring.  

Data storage 

All user and audio data is stored in encrypted format anonymously. This means it is impossible for an external party to access the audio or decrypt the audio without our secure keys. The user can also  request to have access to all the data we collect from them, and they can choose to delete it.

Is this a toy? 

The Wunder device is the parent’s assistant and not a toy - we do not recommend giving it to a child to play with. It should always be handled by the parent, as they would treat Google Home or Amazon Echo. Having said that, the portable “sun” has dimensions necessary to make it choke-proof and there are no small parts that could be detached. 

Does it need WiFi to work? 

Yes, before the first time use, parents must set up the device at home by connecting it to a source of power and to the home WiFi network. All the functions of the device are dependent on WiFi. 

Does the device work differently in the day and night mode? 

Yes. During day time, the device is on stand-by by default and parents can use the wake word to activate the device and either log activities via voice or monitor the language during specific interactions. It also uses visual feedback to signal to the parent how rich in interactions their day have been so far. When in the night mode, the device becomes a night light and instead of the sun, looks like the moon. (see in Photos) The listening mode focuses on cry detection and if a cry is detected, the parent is notified via an in-app notification and the device starts playing soothing sounds to calm the baby down before the parent can arrive.