The All-in-One Parenting Assistant

The first AI parenting platform that is clinically-proven to boost a child’s cognitive & language development

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What is Wunder?

Giving parents the right information at the right time! Transforming everyday play into learning moments to grow together.

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Assisting your parenting journey throughout the whole day and night

"Hey Wunder, log 4 oz of milk."

Hands-free logging of feedings, daily activities and voice-activated recommendations to foster essential skills and reach milestones.

"What activities should we do today?"

Our research shows “26% improvement in cognitive development over a 12-week period” in babies. Our quick pre-quiz creates an easy-to-follow interactive play plan for you and your baby and provides you with the tools you need to nurture your little one's growth!

"Wunder, start a reading session."

As you read aloud to your child, Wunder plays music and sound effects to enhance the experience--all while analyzing word count to provide practical feedback and recommendations for language development.

"Turn on the night light until 8am..."

Use the smart Night Light to build better sleeping habits with an interactive and adjustable glowing moon and yellow sun that indicates it's "ok-to-wake" when sleep training toddlers.

"Hello, Wunder. Turn on cry detection."

Night Mode offers Soothing Sounds & White Noise to soothe your baby into a deep and restful sleep.

Companion App

Your digital evidence-based guide to nurturing your little one’s learning journey through play, imagination and collaborative curiosity.

Detects developmental delays and reports them

Wunder takes the guesswork out of tracking your child’s development with our monthly quizzes that assess everything from social to language skills.

Watch your little one excel and achieve milestones

Our early childhood experts look at your child's age, unique skillsets and interests to create activities, toys and stories that align with their learning journey.

Access to evidence-based childhood curriculum

Decades of science show the mind's most important building blocks form between the ages of 0 and 5. Wunder helps you make the most of those beautiful years.


See what our first users are saying

“We are always comparing with another child but in this app you can actually compare the child’s progress with their own progress month-on-month.”

“The app makes you feel like a successful mother”

“There are so many purposeful choices that parents can make and this is app is a great tool for that”